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Tainted Blackness

England remembered. Once he saw that mansion, goosebumps had raised everywhere on his body, and he secretly wanted to hide in a corner and block everyone and everything from his mind.

"I don't like this." He muttered as America eagerly opened the door to rush inside, all while proclaiming that he was a hero. England refrained himself from begging the group he was with to not go inside, because he remembered Italy telling explaining to them in the past time line that everyone always ended up inside the mansion. Inside to face that…thing.

That magical, tainted creature, covered in blackness, despair, and misery. The whole mansion was covered in that taint. And England could see all the time. He couldn't ever stop seeing it. He hated his magical Sight more than anything at the moment.

England gave a start. Was that France, laying in the hallway bleeding? No, England had just paid attention to know that France had gone upstairs. So, was this an impression then? One of the time lines that Italy had gone through must have been where France died here on this spot. England strangled a sob that threatened to cry out. No one else knew, and they would think him crazier than before if he suddenly broke down or if he suddenly knew everything about the mansion when they just arrived. How Italy managed this numerous times was a remarkable feat.

"Are you alright ~aru?" England broke out of his thoughts to notice that he had gone upstairs following France and China, leaving Russia, Canada, and America to explore the first floor.

"I just don't like this place." The Sight ruined whatever architect value the house had. He was the only one in the mansion to see the contaminated blackness, and images of the past around the mansion.

England needed to talk to Italy, to let him know that he wasn't alone and that England remembered the time line…the time line where Italy had died and England had traveled back in time with the journal instead. Would Italy not remember that time line since he wasn't the one to use the journal? England knew he should have asked that stupid Doctor about other methods of time travel besides his stupid bloody blue police box the last time he came to London to wreak havoc. But for now, England would need to visit the library that the mansion had. Maybe one of the books would have something about time travel.

It was when England was climbing the stairs that he realized his magic was below twenty-five percent full. Which was extremely bad, considering it was his primary defense and weapon since he didn't have his sword from his pirate days. What a shame, the blade had been a fantastic weapon until one of his queens had locked it up because she believed that he didn't need such a barbaric weapon anymore. But, back to his magic problem.

'Did I seal my magic somewhere? Or did I put a limiter on myself so I wouldn't overuse my magic?'

"You really hate it here, don't you?" China asked. Would China believe him, if he said anything? Most likely not.

"I never thought I would envy those who couldn't See like I do." England murmured. Was that Russia over there? His infamous pipe stained with crimson, which was also splattered on his face and his clothes and…

'Breathe, England!' He blinked and the apparition vanished. He could handle this. He was the representative of the United Kingdom of Great Briton. And he had rewound time only once, since he remembered only one time line. Italy did this numerous amounts of times and he probably has nightmares every time he closes his eyes.

'Yes, but he doesn't vividly see people dead in hallways as illusions, does he? And he can't feel the terrible taint in the air.' A cruel voice in his head pointed out.

'Please, shut up. I don't need to hear voices now.' That would definitely not help his sanity, if he even had any left. What he needed were people who would believe the supernatural, his brothers. They may not have had any happy moments together, but they would believe what England would tell them even if it sounded bat shit insane.

"What was that? I didn't hear you." China called as he started up the stairs.

"Nothing." England answered climbing behind China, leaving France behind on the second floor, while ignoring an image of a dead China sitting at the top of the stairs; his back resting against the wall and his neck cut open.

China and England entered the library on the third floor. Maybe if England started looking now, could he find the journal for Italy? Later, he would look later when he was alone.

"I wish I was with Japan instead ~aru." England heard China sigh. He didn't blame him; England was the crazy British man who was suspicious of everyone. He yelled at whoever pissed him off at anytime, fought like crazy with France and frequently practiced Black magic. Still, the statement hurt.

"Even I would prefer Japan over you." He followed China as he went out the second door to the library heading into the piano room.

The first thing England noticed was the absolute white. Why white like that room America had tried to isolate him to "treat" and "help" him with his 'illusions', until France rescued him. The three countries never spoke of what happened. Secondly, England noticed red seeping on to the walls, on the piano, all of it from the prone body of Japan who was leaning against the piano leg. England blinked furiously and the white returned. He could almost feel China's questioning gaze at his strange actions.

"There is something about this room that is bothering me." Was his excuse before quickly back tracking out of the room.

Act normal, England. Pretend nothing is wrong. You know nothing about this place. Once people learn more, then if you absolutely need to, you can tell someone.

England observed that he and China had made it to the fourth floor of the mansion. Had the house affected him so much that he had practically memorized the mansion? How pathetic.


England gave a start.

"That sound…" He was sure didn't hear the worry hidden in his voice.

"Is that the sound of America's pistol?" China asked, curiosity leaking into his tone.

"Should we go check?" Normal, act normal. China doesn't know, you shouldn't either.

"It's probably just Russia ~aru. You know how the two get along."

The two went downstairs to wait for France. Where is he? Please let him be all right. England prayed, barely hearing China saying he was going to find France.

He wouldn't be dead now, the monster isn't that strong yet. England's breath quickened. He probably just ran away. He started hyperventilating. Breathe England! Using meditation-breathing exercises learned through years of dealing with America, England slowly calmed down. His panic would not help anyone. Especially since he was one of the only two people who knew what was going on.

Walking quickly, he went to the room where China was. Finding Japan's bloody clothes there in the fireplace was not as bad as almost running into Prussia's sprawled out body, dried blood from a large cut on his head and his right hand gripping the fabric above his heart tightly. Why was the Blackness showing images of those who died in the past? He dreaded going in the room across the hallway. The room where Italy had died and England used the time travel journal in his stead. It wasn't the fact that Italy had died in that room; it was more the fact that at that moment, everyone in their group had officially died once.

"Let's go downstairs. This is too weird." England nodded wearily and followed China downstairs, wincing as he repressed his urge to see if Canada was really dead from a broken neck by falling down the stairs, his violet eyes open and lifeless, neck twisted in an awkward angle, limbs twisted under his body, but China walked straight through Canada's form, who slowly faded away. England fought back the urge to cry as he continued to follow China to the first floor.

"What is that?" It was China's cry that brought England completely to reality. He looked up and saw…that thing. That terrible and disgusting monster that had caused this whole mess. England wanted nothing more than to run at it and pummel it to nothing, to just cause it pain as it caused him and the other countries pain. He froze as his eyes made contact with the monster, and felt a connection flow between the two for half a second.

No! No! No! In that one glance, England knew that it had seen all of his insecurities, his fears, the fact that he could see the images projected in house, and which images would hurt him the most. And England had seen that the monster didn't care for anything. The only thing that mattered to it was causing pain to those that trespassed on its property.

The instant that England felt the connection vanish, the Blackness took form of a new image around the monster. It was everyone. England saw everyone, Italy, Germany, Prussia, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, America, France and himself, all lying dead at the monster's feet, blood pooling around from the numerous bloody wounds each country sported. England could almost feel the monster smirking at him, at the knowledge that it could make him feel pain that wasn't physical.

"China, let's give them reinforcements!"


England frowned as his attack did almost no damage. His magic was all over the mansion, and sealed off somewhere; finding out where was a priority if was to help.

"England, why aren't you doing anything useful!" China shrieked at him.

"We-well, my magic is sealed and-"

"How troublesome!" England wanted to explain further, explain that all he wanted was to blind himself and hide somewhere, because they were all dead just a few feet away!

A scream from overhead tore England's face away from a barely recognizable Germany with his face smashed in, to a living breathing Japan, swinging his sword at the monster.

"Can you get up, England?" England stared at the offered hand. It was better than staring at dead bodies.

"Yes. This wasn't the first time you fought the monster, was it Japan?" Could he have remembered something from a past time line? Anything at all?

"You were the first ones to arrive here, weren't you?" Nope, he didn't remember. Where was Italy?

The next thing England knew, everyone was following Japan who was saying something about leading everyone to a safe place, which happened to be where the burnt clothes were found. Would America and France be there as well?

England was worried when he found out that America and France hadn't been found. Throughout the emergency meeting, England kept trying to catch Italy's eyes, to tell him, but Italy wouldn't look at anyone.

He's suffering. England realized. I shouldn't be burdening him with my problems. Tuning back to the conversation happening around him, England thought of what he had to do.

"There's a room I want to investigate with Canada, so that's where we'll be heading. Italy, head up to the piano room." Maybe Italy picked up on the subtle hint?

"Ok! Be careful, Japan!" No, he hadn't. Internally sighing, England led Canada up the stairs to the really white room. Why he wanted to go back, was entirely for Canada. He could figure out the piano clue, while England looked through the library. He needed to be at full strength to help with future attacks. There had to be some magic books in the bloody library! England hurriedly checked the book names on the shelves. He couldn't leave Canada alone in that room for too long.

"Help…" a raspy voice called out. England cried out as he saw Italy crawling towards him, face covered in cuts, his hand that was reaching out to England was broken and bloody, and a large wound on his chest that was dripping blood like a red path, similar to the clear tears leaving tracks on his dirty and pain filled face.

"…help…" Tears pooled up in England's emerald eyes as he reached out to touch Italy. As soon as his fingers made contact with Italy outstretched fingers, he disappeared. England began to cry quietly, hands coming up to cover his ears from hearing any more phantoms and his eyes squeezed shut. But that still didn't block out the feeling of despair he felt surround him.

Pull yourself together! Canada is alone right now, go to him! England hiccuped and forced himself up to his feet. Frantically wiping at his eyes, he somehow managed to make himself feel a little presentable; at least for in the situation they were in.

As soon as he reentered the piano room, England saw Canada standing eerily still next to the instrument.


"I'm fine, England." Canada turned around to smile at England. England noticed the smile drop from his face.

"Are you alright?" Gods, when was the last time someone had asked him that? It had to have been a very long time ago, if he couldn't remember.

"I'm fine, thank you, Canada." Lie. One big, fat, bloody lie.

Everyone was back at the piano room, but England could care less about the reports. He was glad everyone was trying their best to keep calm; which the mysterious phone calls that played one piano note only and only one person in each group received had not helped. But England was more concerned about the image of America near the door. It took all of his self-control, not to scream in horror when it first appeared and now, almost ten minutes late, it was still there. The images were getting stronger as the monster continued to get stronger. This was worrisome.

"Yes, if we do that, we'll soon be able to meet America and France. Though they'll probably get mad at us for being late." Japan said as the figure of America blurred out of existence.

"What?" he heard Italy exclaim. Wait, something was wrong. Something that Japan had said seemed very incorrect. What was it?

"Huh? What are you talking about? What about Prussia?" That's what was missing! Wait, when did England care about Prussia, of all people? He didn't come with- oh wait. He had in the time line the time line where Italy died and England rewound time. So why did he remember that he had come with Prussia, Italy, Germany, and France so vividly all of sudden? Was he getting past memories of all of he time lines now? Was everyone? England needed to organize his thoughts. Who did he come with this time? Was it America, Germany, Italy, and England? No, that didn't seem right. Prussia would never have gone without his brother Germany. And England knew that he did not travel with Prussia this time to the mansion from the world meeting. And Italy never went anywhere without dragging Germany around and vice-versa. So Italy, Germany, and Prussia were in one group. Was someone else with them?

I wish I was with Japan instead, ~aru.

Right. He had traveled with China, and Japan had not gone with them because China had sent him that text message when they had arrived at the mansion. So then, Japan, Italy, Prussia, and Germany had all gone together. Russia had started stalking China outside of meetings, so he had gone with England and China; France would never travel long distances without him, in case he would miss opportunities to annoy the Englishman. So, Germany, Italy, Prussia, and Japan together, and France, England, China, and Russia in a group together. That just left America and Canada. With America's usual attitude, he would want to be the first to arrive at the mansion, and from what he remembered, their group had left first from the conference room. So America had definitely come with England's group and Canada would never leave America alone, especially with Russia.

England sighed, rubbing his head from a massive headache he felt coming on. Remembering who came with whom for this time line was too much. Now, how had the whole memory thing started? Did someone touch something, break something? The room seemed oddly quieter, there was no ticking. Ticking? From a clock? Right. A clock, which had been broken.

"We should solve this memory problem." How much had England missed as he was wrapped up in his own thoughts? But he had at least solved one of their problems.

"If you have something to say, raise your hand." The ever reliable and super organized Germany announced. England raised his hand.

"I don't think that it was just me, but didn't you notice anything when you broke the clocks?"

"You mean we get false memories whenever we break a clock?" Why was Russia speaking, he was dead wasn't he? Oh, no that was another image. Russia was fine. Everyone was currently fine.

Except for France, America, and Prussia. His cynical side commented.

Time passed. America, France, and Prussia were found, Italy finally told everyone everything, (England still had not talked to him), the whole group, plus Spain and Romano who had somehow found the mansion, and managed to get up to the tower without loosing anyone. Then Italy panicked and sent himself and Germany back in time to the second loop, where England had somehow managed to make his magic open a portal back in time to rescue them. And England's mind was about to snap.

The whole time, England kept seeing various visions of dead or dying countries, and hearing the deathly whispers. And now it wasn't even of the past time lines. The strength of the creature had exponentially increased and it had started manipulating the Blackness to show him images of all of the countries that were at the mansion. And now that Austria and whoever else were fighting outside…well, England was seeing a lot more bloodstains everywhere.

Especially during the battle in the bloody number room. It was absolute torture being in there, and he wished Italy had been close enough to him to take England with him back into the past. Where everyone else saw numbers written on the ground in what looked like blood, England saw too many bloody bodies. And now that it was over, he couldn't get the images out of his mind.

Three dead Americas were laying close to six dead Prussias and two dead Canadas. Then there were three barely breathing Chinas reaching for five mutilated Japans, one who was dying slowly as it stared up at the ceiling. A sobbing, dying Germany had been holding onto two Italys; one who was on his lap, and another who was sprawled out next to him on the floor. Next to the sprawled Italy were the dead figures of Romano and Spain. Near the north wall was Russia with his head bashed in by his own trusted pipe, and France with his stomach ripped open, lifeless eyes gazing at the worst image in the room. That mound thing in the corner of the room, where the key was supposed to be, was next to a mound of bodies. Everyone who had entered the room were piled on top of one another, with a spear in the eye of a dead England staring blankly, accusingly, at a living England, who was frozen staring back.

Then all of those monsters showed up from everywhere and the world went to hell. England couldn't remember the fight very well, most likely from the concussion he got from being tossed around like a rag doll by one of the monsters until England was able to use one of his spells.

Now he was back in Germany's hidden room on the second floor; his sanctuary for the Blackness could not enter in here, therefore the images could haunt him only in his mind. But, it was only a temporary relief. The Blackness had penetrated England to his core, and now he could not stop seeing images whenever he went outside of the room. And the voices never left him.

England repressed a shudder. There was no reason for anyone else to be worried about him, not that anyone would be worried about him anyways.

Over and over the voices spoke to him, saying the same things again and again, with differences being whose voice England heard.

"Help." Italy. "I hate you." America. "Why, England?" Spain. "You couldn't save us." France. "You're useless." Canada. "You can't do anything, England." Germany. "Help." Russia. "I hate you." France. "Why, England?" Romano. "You couldn't save us." Lithuania and Poland.

"England! Shouldn't you be with America?" Japan's voice caused the accusations to become quiet.

"Well, every time I approach him, that git outs the futon over his head and won't come out, even when I try to thank him." And that was another problem in England's mind, which he was rapidly loosing. America hated him, England was absolutely sure about it. Why is he so mad?

He didn't realize he had spoken out loud until Italy asked about a protection spell. England fell silent, wariness creeping into his mind at Italy's question and earnest look.

"…yes. I noticed that you were carrying my magic earlier, and when I could, I reinforced the protection spell."

"So, Germany and I have this too?"

"Everyone does. I just placed some protection spells on Spain and Romano a little while ago. If anyone of you are in danger, magic will protect you; to a certain extent." England noticed how quiet Italy was getting.

He's planning something. I know it.

"Useless person, you're no help." Switzerland. England couldn't hide the wince that followed the raspy dying voice. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice.

"Well, that's reassuring." Germany grunted. At least you can do something, is what he is thinking, England realized. He could see it in Germany's eyes that he didn't think that England had done enough for the group.

And he's right. I am useless, even with my magic.

"Can you take it back?"

"WHAT?" Germany and Prussia who had decided to join the conversation shouted.

"What are you talking about, Italy?"

"Yeah, if it's protecting you, why would you want to have it taken away from you?"

"Well, England's power is amazing, but its not been completely restored, has-"

"Shut up, Italy." England stood up from his chair and slammed his hands on the table. Everyone looked at England.

"Don't ask me to take away a defense that's protecting you, Italy! This time line rewinds have gone on long enough and we don't need to die just to start all over again!" Italy stared at England, shock written all over his face.

"But…but, who else…?" England exploded.

"I did! I thought you figured it out already, Italy! If you remember the time lines when traveled back, why didn't you think I wouldn't?"

"I…forgot." Italy looked ready to cry, realization that he wasn't the only one who had remembered the horrors of the past without the use of the broken clocks hitting him hard.

"Obviously!" With that said, England stormed out of the hidden fort.

"You're useless." America. "Why, England?" Canada.

England was able to walk out into the hallway before falling to his knees around the corner of the room, covering his ears and suppressing sobs. He couldn't deal with this anymore; why did he have to keep seeing these images!

America and Canada slowly limped towards him. One of America's eyes had been gorged out and his right arms had been severed at the elbow. Canada's entire left leg was gone and was still bleeding, just like America's arm and eye. There was a large gash, from his right shoulder to left hip, and it looked incredibly deep.

"You're useless." America spoke. "Why England?" Canada pleaded, both of their voices raspy and hoarse from pain and approaching death. England squeezed his eyes so tight, that it had started to hurt. His hands began to claw at his hair, grasping and clenching. But it didn't help; he could still see the North American countries coming closer in the blackness of his eyelids, could still hear their wailing, which was becoming louder every passing second. Any moment now and they would grab him and England would welcome death if it followed them to escape this hell.

"England!" That voice…who was it?

"Mon dieu, England. What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Arms enveloped him and England let his hands clench the fabric of the newcomer's shirt completely.

"France." England choked out, his sobs slowing down, before stopping completely.

"Oui, England. Tell me what's wrong." France hugged England, bringing some comfort to his tense form. England didn't know how to explain to France. Should he just tell him or lie? Everyone knows about the time traveling. This is your chance to talk to someone. He apparently still had a rational part of his mind.

"I see…I've been seeing everyone from the past…all dead, all gruesome deaths. And it's been getting worse as time goes on. Now they're talking to me, and they're everywhere, France, everywhere!" England had not noticed that he had curled back into a ball; his arms wrapped tightly around his knees, with his face pressed into his kneecaps.

"And I know that you don't believe me, because no one ever does, but I can't take this! I…can't take…this." And with that, England simply collapsed onto the floor, now completely silent, his hands going back up to cover his ears, his body trembling violently.

"Oh, England." England didn't move, even when he felt arms lift him off of the floor and into a hug. "I believe, mon petit lapin. Come on, let's go back up."

"No, no, I don't want to." England started struggling in France's arms. Some part of him knew he was acting childish, but a larger part of him just didn't care anymore.

"Everyone hates me, and they blame me for when they died in previous time line and I can't do anything right. Isn't that why America is so mad at me? Because of something I did previously?" England let out a loud sigh that may have been a sob and stopped moving. "I don't want to face them." He whispered. He just so tired. Tired of everything happening in the mansion. He just wanted to go home, have a cup of tea, and pretend this whole thing was just a terrible nightmare. France shifted England in his arms to a more comfortable position, before sitting down with England sitting like a young child in his lap.

"No one hates you, England." France started stroking England's hair, like he had done when both countries were much younger, when England's brothers Scotland, Wales, and Ireland would bully England until France came to visit or England ran away into a forest only to get lost for days, sometimes weeks, before being found again. There were several reasons why France didn't like England's older brothers and why England turned out to have such a cynical nature. France continued to stroke England, until the younger country's trembling slowly ceased.

"Now, England. What do the illusions say?" England heard France ask.

Should I tell him? He hasn't pushed you away yet.

"They started as images from past time lines, France. As I stood outside of the mansion when we first got here, I remembered a previous time line, and then the first thing I saw when I walked inside of this cursed place was you lying dead in the hallway." There was a long stretch of silence before England spoke again. To France's credit, he didn't say anything about how unbelievable the situation was.

"It was before we found you, America, and Prussia in the basement that they started speaking. The first to do so was Italy in the library on the third floor." England shuddered and France squeezed his hold on England as he listened.

"He was suffering, and I didn't want to mention anything to anyone, because everyone was burdened with something, but at the library, Italy was covered in blood and the only thing he would say as he reached for me was 'help'."

"Were there others?" England was surprised that France was actually paying attention. He nodded, but let the silence continue between the two countries.

"Why do you see these images, petit lapin?" Why? Why, indeed. Because of-oh, America and Canada were replaced by Russia and China. Russia who was crying loudly over China's dead body, and somehow the sobs emitted from Russia were the most disturbing part of the image. Wait, what was going on? Why was he moving? Was there an earthquake happening? What is going on?

"-land! England! England!" France…France was shaking him? Yes, France was shaking and calling him. England should go see why, it could be important.


"France? What are you doing?" England was confused. Why was France shaking him? Where were-oh, the mansion. The Blackness, the images, the voices, the monsters, the time lines, and the mansion that would not open. How could all of that slipped his mind? Russia, China, America, Canada, Prussia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romano, France, and himself. They were all trapped inside of the mansion.

"…France." When had his voice become so…childlike?

"What were you thinking? You stared at the corner over there and you stopped breathing! Don't scare me like that!" England looked up at France and saw tears pooling in his eyes.

"I'm sorry." His voice was barely a whisper, but somehow France had heard him. His hug tightened even more, and England felt France's arms trembling lightly.

"What was so interesting over there, England?" France's arms had stopped wavering before he spoke. England envied his self-control.

"…I saw Russia crying over China's body."

"Come again?"

"Russia and China are over there, in that corner. They replaced America and Canada. America was missing an arm and Canada was missing a leg. And they kept saying I was useless and asking me why."

"Mon cher, why do you and only you, see these images? As far as I know, no one else has ever mentioned seeing these images, besides you. And you are the only person stubborn enough not to tell anyone after everything we have been through."

"You won't believe me." And England knew he wouldn't. How many centuries had passed where he had tried to explain to the other nations about his unique way of seeing the world? And no one had believed him.

"England, we are trapped in a house that will not let us out with a monster who continues to attack us, despite numerous defeats, because he admires my gorgeous looks, and because of time travel, and we buy weapons and food from a toilet. It'll be hard not to believe whatever you say." England laughed. He actually laughed!

"Only you would think that the monster is jealous of your looks." He saw France smile through his chuckles.

"Answer me, England."

"The monster is something from the supernatural world. This whole mansion is, and it's drenched in this tainted Blackness that I can See because it's supernatural. So I saw imprints of the past where everyone had died. When I first fought it in this time line, the monster made a connection with me, and now it's manipulating the Blackness to show me images for fun. And as it grew stronger, the images became more creative."

"And it's only because of your Sight, not because you time traveled?"

"No one else here can See like I do. Italy is safe from the images."

"I don't care about Italy right now, England. He has plenty of people watching over him. I care about you. Right now, you need help and I'm giving it to you. I realize you are stubborn beyond the point of foolishness, but why didn't you tell Italy at least? Or someone else after the knowledge of the time traveling became common knowledge among all of us?"

"Would you have believed me, or would you think I was trying to gain attention, if I had not broken down in front of you?" England refused to look at France, what was the point? He knew he was right.

"…You have a point. I'm sorry." England finally looked at France, he looked sincere and apologetic. Why?

"You've been seeing dead people all over; it is enough to drive anyone insane. Plus, the extra memories, the monsters, all of us stuck together in this house; I'm surprised you didn't break earlier. Most people would have a long time ago."


"Come on. Let's go back. You can tell the others and then we can go together to beat that one monster in the annex. Maybe we will be able to leave, then." France stood up, still holding onto England.

"Put me down, git!" England squirmed. He was not a child, damnit!

"Ah, mon petit lapin, you are normal again." And he let go of England, steadying the country when his knees started to buckle. The two countries walked back into the hidden room, where everyone was resting.

"ENGLAND!" America literally jumped on England and it was only because of France standing behind him, gripping on to his shoulder that he didn't fall back.

"A-America! Get off me!"

"Why didn't you tell the rest of us, or at least me, the hero, that you remembered a time line? You could have made solving those riddles much more easier and been done sooner!" England pushed America away and stood up at his full height in front of the personification of the United States of America. England heard France mutter his name softly as a warning to control his temper, but England didn't care.

"Would you have believed me, America?" If America expected him to feel guilty for his unfortunate access to the memories, he would have to try much harder.

"What do you mean?" Without his glasses, America's bright blue eyes were unable the annoyance held towards the country that had raised him.

"Would you have believed me, America, if I suddenly knew where everything was and how to work things? Or would you have thought I was mental and lock me up again once we got out?"

"You had him locked up, America?" Japan's voice was soft as he listened to the argument from where was sitting when America was laying on the bed.

"Because of those damn fairies he keeps going on about! It was beyond time that he figured out that they don't exist and I was worried about him!" America roared. He now had the attention of every country in the room. England hardly felt France walk up behind him to grab his shoulder. A gesture to remind England not to attack America.

He came into existence much later than some of the European and Asian countries and so was never around when the fairies were visible to everyone before the Talent to See was lost among most of the world, save for England and his brothers.

"America, you sent me to a government insane ward! They almost decided to do a brain surgery on me, just to see if it was different than a normal human's brain! If France hadn't come when he did…" England trailed off, memories of his time in the American psyche ward clear in his mind. There was a gasp around the room.

"They wanted to do what?" Prussia's dislike of hospitals was common knowledge, so it wasn't too much of a surprise that he spoke first.

"Stupid Americans ~aru! They think that if something is different, they should cut it open to find why!" China strode over to the other side of the room.

"Come here, ~aru!" and pulled England into an awkward hug.

"This doesn't change the history between us, Opium!" England wasn't the only one in the room to have a shocked expression. Blushing fiercely, China retreated back to the kitchen area to cook dinner.

"England…" said country turned to look at America. "who authorized that experiment? They assured me that all they were going to do were simple tests." Looking into those eyes, England realized that America was beyond furious, not at him, but at the humans who dared to try something like a brain operation with no justification on him. England never thought he would see America so protective of him, ever.

"I don't remember. It was a few years back." From the look on the American's face, it was clear that a certain building in New York would be mysteriously blown up and the people who worked there would be missing. America's wrath was not something someone wanted to be on the wrong side of.

"Moving on!" France interjected the conversation. "What are we going to do about the monster in the apex?"

"The Hero will kill it, of course!"

"America, you don't have your glasses, da?" The frost in the Russian's tone was obvious to all, most likely because he had also had an experience with mental hospitals in his own country.

"You're right, Russia! All the more reason I should go down there!" America laughed, his attitude changing completely.

"We should contact Spain and Romano first, see if they are done defeating all of the monsters in the past." Germany suggested. "Could someone go get them?"

Everyone watched as Prussia jumped in the portal, using his 'awesome skills' as he called it, to avoid being seen.

While they waited, Italy pulled England to the side of the room, away from everyone else.

"England, why didn't you tell me earlier that you could see images of the past? Why didn't you tell someone?"

"How did you know-?" England wasn't sure how he kept his voice steady.

"I overheard you talking to France. I wanted to apologize, because I hate people being mad at me, but France was already with you, so I started to leave, but then you started talking and I had-! England put his fingers on the Italy's lips to get him to be quiet.

"I wasn't mad at you, Italy. Everything was -is- piling up, and I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I didn't want to burden you."

"Ve~! England, you're such a good friend!" Italy quickly hugged England before going back to join in the conversation the other countries had started now that Romano and Spain were back.

"So for people that should go fight. Japan for sure, Anyone else want to volunteer?" Germany started the planning discussion.

"Che, why don't you volunteer, Potato-Bastard!" Romano sounded cranky, England noted.

"I'll go." Russia volunteered.

"Me too!" America hurriedly put in, glaring at the Soviet country. "But I don't want England to go!"

What? England fumed. What right did America have to dictate England around?

"I'm bloody well going!" America wheeled around to face the direction that England's voice came from.

"But, England…"he whined.

'No but, England from you! I don't care if I'm going alone, or in a group, I am going!"

With a lot of fuss and more whining from America, the people who would go fight was finally figured out.

"Come on everyone! Follow the Hero!"

"America-san, you can't see. Do you even know where you are going?"

Germany, England, Japan, America, and Italy as a healer, were in the first group. If no one came back within thirty minutes, the second group consisting of Russia, China, France, Prussia, and Canada would follow. Spain and Romano would stay and rest upstairs unless they were absolutely needed.

England tried to hide his winces and his trembling; every time the group would pass a corner, a new image of a corpse would appear. The whispers became increasingly louder and he noticed the corpses walking, crawling, limping behind the group, following them down the hallways. England did his best to ignore it all, but didn't miss the worried glances Italy and America would give him.

Before long, the group found themselves at the door that would lead them to the monster.

"Ready, everyone? Let's go!" America shouted. Rolling his eyes at America's stupidity (honestly, who announces when they were going to attack?) England and the rest of the party quickly dashed inside.

"Keep an eye out for my glasses!"

"It's in its hand, America!" England said as he collected his magic to perform a spell.

"Give me back my glasses!" America shouted as he shot his pistol in the monster's direction.

"Watch where you're aiming, America-san!" Japan jumped away from his position to attack the monster with his trusted katana.

The battle was long and bloody. Early on, England used his magic to summon America's glasses from the monster's hand. It made the battle significantly easier when no one had to keep an eye out for misfired bullets. Because of England's protection spells, the party was mostly defended, however, the spell began to wear down. More injuries were turning up on the countries and Italy was doing his best to heal everyone during the battle while keeping out of the monster's way. England was sending spell after spell to the monster, which was trying to evade Germany's whip, Japan's sword, and America's bullets.

Finally, the monster collapsed, dead, and the countries were left, injured and tired, but all of them alive.

That was when England had a chance to look around the room.

Everyone, Japan, Germany, Italy, Prussia, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, his sister, Hungary, South Korea, China, Japan, Romano, Spain, America, Canada, France, himself…everyone was being mutilated before his eyes. Gray monsters that were simply see-through images went around stabbing, biting, ripping, shredding, throwing around and who knew what else, the countries. The blood splattered everywhere, and the screams. Oh god, the screams. Loud shrieks filled with pain and sorrow and they all screamed the same thing.

"Help us, it hurts! It hurts! Make it stop!"

England didn't notice that he had fallen to his knees. He wasn't aware that he was screaming along with the dying countries. He just wanted the world to vanish. He didn't want to See anymore!

"Grab him! Hold his hands away from his eyes!" Was Italy saying something? Couldn't he see the horror in this room! Couldn't anyone?

England thrashed and screamed more when he felt hands on his body. Then his right eye exploded in pain and England felt hot liquid running down his face. That was enough to calm down his thrashing and tried to open his eyes to see what was going on around him. Why was everything orientated towards the left? Why did his right eye still feel closed? It was open, wasn't it?

"England, England." Italy again. What did he want?

"England, please don't move. You-you clawed out your right eye. England, what were you seeing?" England didn't answer, deciding to look around the room instead. The image he saw earlier had vanished, although England knew he would never forget it. America, Germany, and Japan had retreated to the corner of the room; England's actions had terrified them. Italy was hugging him, trying to heal the damage done to his eye. From what Italy was muttering, England had only clawed out the nerves connecting to his eye. As a country, it would heal in time.

"What happened?" Seven voiced chanted at once as the rest of the countries ran downstairs when they heard England's nightmare inducing scream. America, Japan, and Germany were trying to explain the best they could to the worried countries. France was deathly silent as he slowly walked over to where Italy and England were, his eyes closed at the sight of the amount of blood surrounding England and Italy.

"I'm sorry Ita-!" England moved before anyone could understand what was going on.


Another monster had appeared behind Italy, poised for attack. England pushed Italy away, but had no time to avoid the sharp claw coming down on his head. The force of the monster's attack caused England to crash head first into the tile floor, blood gushing from the large cut over his left eye and a cut from his skull.

I can't see anything. England realized as his conscious slowly faded, his tiredness from using too much magic, the cut to his head, the blow from hitting the floor, and the screams. The tainted Blackness, it's gone…finally.

Right before he lost conscious completely, England heard gunshots and steal hitting flesh and he knew Italy would be alright.

And he remembered nothing more.
A HetaOni based fanfic. Italy remembered every timeline when he used the journal to travel back in time. So did England. And he hoped that they got out of the mansion this time round, because he wasn’t sure how long his sanity could hold up with everything happening around him.

So, yeah the plot bunnies attacked me kind of viciously. So read and enjoy it!!! Got it? Good?

I don't own the awesome picture. It belongs to the fabulous Espeonsilverfire2; here's the link: [link]
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